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Ken himself is very personable, nothing is too much trouble for him.

  Jane Rushmore
Finance Officer Bolton

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Features You Can't Live Without In Your Business


Has everyone in your office:got access to all the printers and files they should. Is it easy to get what you need. We will make sure all these are available to you as easily as possible..

Cloud Computing

You want to know whether you should be using the cloud to help you work better. Everyone is talking about it, is it right for you?

Remote Support

If you want remote support.But not with a company that is so remote they don’t understand what you are talking about..

Backup and Restore

Where is your valuable data stored it's taken months if not years to create it. Do you know how to get it back if it was accidentaly or deliberatly lost?


How secure is your computer system from prying eyes.Are you securing your business against the most dangerous threats.

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