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Helping SMB's find and use computer technology that will help grow their business.

Ken explains things well and inspires confidence.
We appreciate how he is flexible and fits in with our busy schedules and even completing some work with remote access.
We now have Office 365 with 1tb of Onedrive cloud-space which is plenty of room for backing up all our photographs

Lee and Julie Johnson

Ken not only did you fix my PC fixed but the complete overhaul that you completed on the technology in my home means I have a state of the art monitor, a Pc which has never worked as speedily as it does now and a printer working at long last.

Your explanation of what you were doing was so clearly explained (and the diagrams were so incredibly easy to understand) meant I felt I understood the work you were doing for me. What you delivered for me was way beyond my expectations.

I now have someone whose expertise I will all call upon again and again.

Clare Frackelton

We now have a very reliable wireless system

We had a very unreliable wireless system and since Ken advised us to move to Ubiquiti we have a very reliable system. We are very happy customers

Malcolm Ngouala General Manager Brass Bolton

Ken himself is very personable, nothing is too much trouble for him

"It was very good that he did attend to any problems that we got immediately.
He was only a phone call away and could remotely access the computers and if the problems could not be resolved he would come into the office"

Jane Rushmore Finance Officer Bolton

Our Services

Network Support

Has everyone in your office:got access to all the printers and files they should. Is it easy to get what you need. We will make sure all these are available to you as easily as possible.

Cloud Computing

You want to know whether you should be using the cloud to help you work better.  Everyone is talking about it, is it right for you? I will help you choose the right cloud for you.

Backup and Restore Data

Where is your valuable data stored it's taken months if not years to create it. Do you know how to get it back if it was accidentaly or deliberatly lost?
I will help you to make sure the data is  secure, where its backed up and how to restore it. Did you know you need to keep your emails for 7 years? I will help you keep them safely for that long.

Computer Security

How secure is your computer system from prying eyes.
Are you securing your business against the most dangerous threats. Its time to make sure you most valuable asset, your data is secure

Remote Support

If you want remote support.
But not with a company that is so remote they don’t understand what you are talking about.
If you want a company that is local, so when remote support is not getting you up and running someone can come to the office.
It won’t sound foreign, when we speak to you.
After all we are local to you.
So pick up the phone and call to get your problem fixed.

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