You work hard.
To get money for your charity

It’s important you find ways of making sure you use as much as possible towards your charity work.
So I have compiled these 7 FREE Secrets you should be using to stretch your money as far as possible for your charity.


Save upto 96% on your software and some hardware – Join for FREE
You may not know it but charities get help from software and hardware providers.
However these companies do not advertise this on their websites.
There are organisations nominated to provide the software and hardware, one of them is:

1. tt-exchange

Offers software from the likes of Microsoft at up to 96% discounted prices.
Antivirus software from leading providers, such as Symantec and Bitdefender.
They also offer technical communication equipment from cisco.

Office 2013 professional plus £425 tt-exchange - £20

Registered Charities can sign up with this website,

As you can see above the discounts are huge.
Registration is easy and does not take long.
You just need a charity number and within a short period of time you will be registered and taking advantage of the huge discounts.

2. FREE Microsoft Office 365:

Microsoft Office 365 is the cloud service, from Microsoft.
This is a great service from Microsoft.

If you are looking into getting a new server, you owe it to yourself to look at this service.
Office 365 will replace your server.
It allows you to have shared resources from any location with internet access.
Your data can be accessed with most internet enabled devices.
You will be able to, use these online services:
Email Calendar and contacts using – Microsoft Outlook.
Microsoft Office applications like word and Excel
You will have your own storage in the cloud of 1tb with onedrive.

You have access to Microsoft Engineers when you need technical support.
Calling Microsoft is via a Freephone number and they call you back and help you to resolve the office 365 problem.

Normally to get Microsoft to help you with a technical problem, costs around £299 an hour.

3. Free Virtual Telephone Service - Sipcentric

They will give you:
5 FREE Uk telephone numbers (£1 p/m for each additional line)
All you pay for is the equipment and the cost of telephone calls.
They are much cheaper than BT.

Professional setup
You can setup the telephone system as a professional setup:
• Music on hold – make your organisation sound professional, no matter what size it may be with this setup.
• Transfer calls – if you are working from home or you would like to answer calls on your mobile while out of the office
• Voicemail to email service – Calls are sent to your mailbox, and you can listen to the calls on your computer, without switching on your phone.
• Call barring and blocking –get rid of nuisance calls
• Record all or some telephone calls.
Sip centric also have great customer support and you can quickly get a hold of support on the phone.
You can try the service for free for 30 days.

4. Web Hosting TSOHOST.Com, have been around for over 12 years and offer a FREE web hosting service for charities.
If you are thinking, dear me how do I move to this Free web hosting service, with our website which is so huge having being built over a long period of time.

Then worry no more, they have a FREE migration service.
That means they will copy your entire website over to them for FREE.

Once you are ready you can then switch over so your website works from

Another big plus from this company is that they have a Free phone number as well as a local rate number for support and you speak to an actual person very quick.

In this day and age when services are being out sourced all over the world.
It’s a breath of fresh air to speak to support staff in the UK, who know what they are talking about.

Important - Office 365 users (the technical part)
If you will go with office 365, my advice is register your domain with
You can register your domain with Godaddy and still have your webiste hosted with TSOHOST.COM.
Don't let this information give you a headache, just give it to whoever will make changes for you.

Godaddy works very well with office 365 its almost as if there is a marriage between Godaddy and Office 365.

5. JustTextgiving – Raise money for FREE via texting
Raising money for charities is hard enough, but Justgiving and Vodafone have teamed up to give a FREE service, which allows your supporters to text you money from any network.

You get a unique 4 letter code e.g GIVE and your supporters can send £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 directly to your charity.
You also get:
• A Free justTextgiving page just for your charity.
• You will be able to see your donations on your page.
• Every penny raised goes towards your charity.

6. FREE Google advertising for charities

Google has a service which, allows you as a charity to advertise what you are about on the search results in Google.
It is known as Google Ad grants for charities.

Now get a bit closer and listen carefully.
When you perform a search on Google, you will see different sites all over the page.
At the top and right hand side of the page will be google adverts.

Google Ad high lighted in Yellow

These ads make up 97% of Google’s revenue.

When done properly they are very effective for those advertising, you can literally create a flow of customers consistently.

You can decide when to advertise, which location down to a radius around your locality.
But get this Google gives charities $10,000 a month to advertise, for FREE.

Here is an advert from Barnardos

Baranardos Googe Grants (from Google Grants online guide)

Applying is straight forward.
Here is the link to get started.

7.FREE Windows 10

Windows 10

Although I have added windows 10, this is not stricktly for charities.
But you should be aware of it.
Microsoft is giving away Windows 10 for FREE to every user who has a genuine windows 7 or 8 computer.
The roll out begins at the end of July 2015.

You can tell if you are due an upgrade, just look at the bottom hand right of your screen.?

Windows 10 upgrade icon.

To be eligible for the upgrade make sure you have all the latest updates on you pc.

Why is Microsoft giving windows 10 away for FREE?
Here are some of the reasons  that are being speculated
Windows 8 was one of Microsoft's mistakes and they want users to get away from it, fast.
Microsoft has a big drive to sell more online services like Office 365, and windows 10 will work seamlessly with the cloud.

Make sure you click on this link to reserve your copy.?

A few things you should be aware of

    1. Reserve your copy, but don't install it immediately.
    2. Make sure you have backed up all the important stuff on your computer
    3. Wait at least 6 months while they iron out the problems of windows 10, you don't want to be the guinea pig.
    4. This offer will expire in 12 months so make sure you take advantage of it.

So start saving and generating money for your charity

Over to you now, if you know a service that can be helpful please let us know
If you need help with any of these services feel free to get in touch.

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Thank you for your time

Ken Waiganjo

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