Great Laptop Under £500 with a Great Screen Resolution if you struggle with sight

 SGIN 15.6 Inch Laptop Windows 11

Amazing 12GB of Ram 512GB SSD (TF Card 1TB), 1080P Display Full HD Laptop Celeron N5095 


Product Name:

SGIN 15.6 Inch Laptop Windows 11

Product Type:

15.6" Windows 11 Laptop with 12GB of Ram 512GB Harddrive 1080 Display and a Celeron N5095




At under £500 with a great screen resolution and a specification that you will find on much higher priced laptops. It is not a common household name. However over 2000 people have bought the laptop and are very happy with it.

Rating: 4.5

You might not expect to much at the price of this laptop. But you will be pleasantly surprised at what you get

Its a lightweight Laptop

What you will notice with the laptop is how light it is. Easy to carry around and you won't notice it in your bag when you are carrying it around either as a student or employee.

Great Screen

The laptop screen is amazing, the picture is spectacular. Great for those who have a hard time seeing


SGIN 15.6 Inch Laptop Windows 11

If your hard of seeing this is a great laptop with a spectacular picture. It is lightweight whether you use it for work or school and you won't even notice it in your bag. 


The Good Stuff:
  • Fabulous price £299.98, for what you get

  • Great screen resolution.

  • High spec at this price point.
The Bad Stuff:
  • Not a household name

  • Sound is not great.

  • Doesn't have standard uk keyboard but they supply overlay

Get it Now Before they raise the Price

Enjoy a fast, lightweight laptop with spectacular screen at a very affordable price

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