Good Bye SBS 2003 Hello Office 365

If you have mid-server crisis, Love it or not it’s time to switch to the cloud.

I will Migrate your system over from sbs 2003 to  Office 365.

Your users will be trained and  master office 365 in 30 days.

I will help you to reduce your IT costs.

Make your IT system secure since sbs2003 is no longer supported by Microsoft.

Microsoft will take care of Exchange which is part of Office 365.

What you get once you Migrate over to Office 365
  • Share files with everyone, whether on desktop, phone or tablet if  they have an internet connection.
  • Any file changes you make are instantly seen by users with permissions to see them.
  • Security is now Microsoft’s headache not yours, they will deal with it.
  • Smooth Transfer of your emails and data to office 365.
  • Your IT Costs reduced.