After 5 months and 100 million installations is it time  I upgraded to windows 10 yet?

That’s a question...


I keep getting asked a lot and so in this blog I will answer this question for you.

Windows 10 was released in July 29 2015 and has been here for just over 5 months ago.

According to Microsoft it has been installed by 100 million users.

So is it time for you to upgrade to windows 10 yet?

How Microsoft releases operating systems.

Microsoft tends to release a version of windows and then they let you the user find out the problems that the software may have.

That’s all and good if you are interested in testing the software

But if you just want to go ahead and use it with the least amount of headaches.

  • Like finding your printer won’t work because the printer manufacturer has not updated the drivers.
  • Or as I have found out every time I switch on my laptop, which I upgraded to windows 10, for test purposes, I have no internet access.
    Then I have to mess about disabling my wireless connection or restart windows 10 to get the internet working, "AGH not again"

Will these problems ever be fixed?

Eventually Microsoft will rectify these problems, at which point they will release a more stable operating system which will probably be windows 10 service pack 1.

That’s the cycle Microsoft normally makes

After 5 months is windows 10 stable enough to upgrade?

From painful experience the advice is wait until windows 10 service pack 1, is released.

If you don’t know it, windows 10 upgrade will be free for a whole year that is from July 2015 to July 29 2016.

So you don’t need to worry about upgrading right now especially if you have a computer that is working well with the stable windows 7.

Microsoft are working hard to make sure that all those who are eligible for an upgrade to windows 10 will upgrade.

It’s more difficult to say no than it is to say yes

In facts it’s getting difficult to ignore the drive to upgrade you to windows 10.

You will notice the windows 10 upgrade icon on the bottom right hand screen of your computer.

If your operating system is genuine and your computer hardware can handle Windows 10.

Windows 10 icon if you are eligible for an upgrade.

Unfortunately Microsoft is making it harder to say no to the windows 10 upgrade.

With constant pop-ups, trying hard to stop you from saying no to the upgrade.

Here is what you might see if you click on the icon


So watch out big brother is saying you have the choice to upgrade but making it hard for you to say "no, not just yet"

Just ignore it for now.

So How good is windows 10

According to most people who have tested it including, Gizmodo and lifehacker the upgrade once everything is sorted is well worth it.

It’s an improvement on windows 8/8.1 and brings back some of the things you love in windows 7.

If you must upgrade Backup.

Yes backup, backup, backup.

You can’t here that often enough you need to back up your computer before an upgrade.

Just to make sure you won’t lose anything.

Actually you should be backing up your computer even if you are not upgrading to windows 10.

So who is eligible for a free Upgrade to windows 10?

Windows 8/8.1 users

Can upgrade to windows 10.

It’s an open secret that one of the reasons windows 10 was released so quickly is the poor reception that windows 8 got.

With things like the popular start menu being removed which was part of windows 7, it left users with a poor experience of the new interface that Microsoft introduced.

Windows 7

The most popular windows operating system with over 55% computers worldwide running windows 7.

Who can’t upgrade to windows 10?

Sorry to users with windows xp and Windows vista, you will have to go out and get a new computer with windows 10.


  •       Don’t be in a hurry to upgrade.
  •      Let Microsoft release a service pack1.
  •     If you can’t wait then make sure you backup all your data before upgrading.

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