Do you use Microsoft Apps.

That’s probably a silly question.

Well Microsoft has an annual event called Microsoft Ignite, held annually.

It unveils the most impressive innovations and announcements in the Microsoft World.

Here at great it services we don’t want you to miss out.

So, we did a deep dive and pulled out 7 of the most exciting announcements just for you.

Microsoft Teams came out as the star of the event.

Microsoft is now describing Teams as “the app centre of Microsoft 365.”                                                           

It’s not hard to see why, so much is being put into it.

When you hear that teams has over 280million users.

It won’t come as a surprise that Microsoft has introduced 450 features in just one year.

Below we will look into some, Teams features as well as Microsoft App announcements from ignite.

They could inspire you for your next digital upgrade to help you and your team work easier and faster.

And if you are in Bolton or Manchester, just call us and we will help, make your digital dreams a reality.

Teams Premium

Microsoft now has a Teams premium version, which incorporates AI. It comes with AI features, that make it feel like you have your own meeting assistant.

Here are some of its cool features:

  • Automatically generating chapters from a Teams meeting.
  • Save yourself from re-watching the meeting later. Enjoy tailored summaries that capture what’s important to you.
  • Enjoy real-time translations for captions if you are meeting internationally.
  • Meeting guides another new feature, that sets up meeting options according to your needs.

Brand Spanking New and Innovative 360-Degree Intelligent Camera for Teams Meetings

SmartVision 60 is an ingenious 360-degree, center-of-room intelligent camera. It can track the speaker as they are moving around. It will also have a people recognition feature soon.

It makes a virtual meeting feel more like a real meeting, instead of a small camera just capturing one person, the movement of the camera will capture a whole team.

Cisco Devices have now been Certified as a Partner for Teams Rooms

If you love cisco products, you be happy to hear they have added them to Teams Room Certified Devices partner program. This means you can use any certified Cisco meeting device to join Teams meetings.

Microsoft Places:

The pandemic may have changed the way we work for ever.

We are now seamlessly working both in the office and at home.

Microsoft has responded to this by creating a team management app, Microsoft Places.

Which integrates into the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Many employees prefer the new option that was forced upon us, working both from home and the office.

Seventy-four percent of American companies have responded by putting in place a plan for a permanent and hybrid work model.

Microsoft has decided to lead in this revolution, by introducing Microsoft Places.

Here are some of the features of the app:

  • Location indicator - are employees in the office, at home or mobile.
  • Are co-workers available.
  • Track room usage – helping you make strategic decisions, with utilisation data, occupancy trends, and energy saving tips.

Hours & Location Feature in Outlook & Teams

A feature already available in outlook and teams related to hybrid working is hours and location.

It allows you to share your availability and working location.

This takes the guess work out of whether employees are in the office or at home.

If you schedule a meeting and someone is working from home, this is one way of making them feel alienated.

They won’t be happy if they were planning to work from home on that day.

This new feature allows people to schedule their working locations and can do that on a per hour basis.

No more guess work in scheduling.

Loop App Private Preview

Another exciting new feature is the Loop App, which helps you to organise what you need for one project in one place when working with others.

So how does it work?

  • You can create a loop page with a list of your customers and their feedback in one place.
  • Without copying and pasting you can use that on chat or a document without copying and pasting.
  • Organise what you need for a project in one place and collaborate with others from here easily.

All data that is retrieved into Microsoft 365 apps automatically syncs to stay up to date.

Have you noticed the Clipchamp Video Editor in Windows?

You may have recently seen an app Microsoft, sneaked into your pc.

The Microsoft Clipchamp Video Editor

If you have felt frustrated that you didn’t have the right tools to make simple changes to your videos.

Without forking out huge wads of cash for expensive tools, worry no more, Microsoft announced it at the Ignite event.

It is now part of your windows 10 or windows 11 pc.

Do You Need Help Navigating the Microsoft 365 World

Microsoft has blazed the trail with Microsoft 365 in a short, while. Now there are many different app integrations you can use to power your workflow.

But it can feel overwhelming if you don’t have an expert by your side.

So, if you are in Bolton or Manchester and have 20 to 50 employees.

Give us a call today so we can schedule a Microsoft consultation.

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