You won't believe what happened to Facebook on the afternoon of Tuesday the 5th of March.

What in the world happened? Well, Facebook went dark, kaput. For a whole 2 hours, and it wasn't just Facebook the whole of its meta system went down; Instagram took a nosedive as well.
Now they're keeping quiet about whether it was a cyber-attack or a system hiccup, but that's not the juicy part.

So, what is the Juicy part?
You see this isn't just about some technical glitch. It's about cold hard cash, which slipped through your fingers as Zuckerberg and his empire were taking a nap.

For a small business thriving on Facebook… you're there to engage with followers, to promote your products and services. And when Facebook crashes, it's like someone pulled the carpet from under your cash register. Your ads, your posts, you're everything gone.
Vanished into thin air. Just like that.

Here's the breakdown on what you need to do: first, dash over to your Facebook settings and change your password, that’s what I did. Why? Because if there was a breach, you want to be the guy or girl who’s one step ahead, not the one left biting the dust.

Two-factor authentication? So What is that? Well, it's like a secret handshake for your account. You log in, and Facebook pings your phone with a code. No code, no entry. It's that simple, and it's that important.
Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Facebook's flop is a wake-up call. You need to spread your bets. Get friendly with Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, any place where your customers hang out. Diversify, or risk watching your business go up in smoke the next time Facebook flip-flops.

To wrap this up... Change your password, turn on 2-factor authentication, and for goodness’s sake don't rely on just one platform to keep your business afloat.

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Ken Waiganjo
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