Ok you’re a small business owner.
Your, busy running and growing your small empire.
You don’t expect the cybercriminals to attack your small business.
After all you’re a small business not a big corporation with loads of Cash to spare.
But let me tell you don’t be fooled cybercriminals are not only attacking big corporations they are also after small business as well.
You see small business are an attractive target for cyber crooks, because small business lack the precautions of a big business.
Now hold onto this thought over 50% of SMB's have been hit by cyberattacks. And even worse over 60% of these SMB's end up closing their doors. That is not good news.
But there is a silver lining-cyber security doesn't have to cost a fortune.
Now let’s cast an eye on the main culprit of data breaches.
Brace yourself, it’s not some sophisticated algorithms or some technical wizardly, you guessed it, good old human blunders.
So, here's the good news, if you tighten up your cyber hygiene you can dodge those attacks and keep your business sailing smoothly.

Are you committing any of these cybersecurity Blunders?

Ok to get a grip on this issue, you need to get to the bottom of what hurdles you will have to overcome. Listen, dealing with SMBs in Bolton and Manchester I have seen it over and over again – SMB’s are slipping up without even realising it.
Let me share with you why small business are being smacked with cyber-attacks.
Sit back and listen and see If any of these rings a bell for you and your team.

1. Underestimating the threat

“Ah were just a small fish, who would bother with us? Well, my friend that attitude is just a recipe for disaster.
These cyber crooks don’t care if you are big or small – in fact they love the little guys because they don’t have the muscle or know-how to keep off attacks.
You need to be smart, be ahead of the game. No, it’s not about being paranoid.
It’s about being proactive. Get you cybersecurity game on point.
Because believe me they are coming for you.
Don’t be caught with your eye shut. Make sure you are doing all you can to keep the

2. Neglecting employee Training

“My employees will be cautious” That’s what you might be thinking as do so many SMBs.

But they have become so sophisticated, your employees may be tricked into clicking on security a weakness.
Look they are human.
What cybersecurity training would your employees, benefit from:
•Recognize phishing attempts.
•Understand the importance of strong passwords.
•Be aware of social engineering tactics used by cybercriminals.

3. Using Weak Passwords

Weak passwords are a common security vulnerability.
People reuse passwords 64% of the time.
They also reuse them across numerous accounts, which increases vulnerability.
This can leave your company’s sensitive data, easily accessible to cyber criminals.
You should encourage strong passwords.
Wherever multi-factor-authentication is available, use it.

4. Ignoring Software Updates:

Software companies well update their software due to hidden open software doors that the cyber sharks know about.
It is essential to keep your devices software updated, to keep prying eyes from getting in through this route.
You should update you operating system, Antivirus and Web browser.

 5.Lacking a Data Backup Plan

You know, too many small businesses cruise along, thinking their data’s invincible.
"It’s all good, nothing's happened to us. Never lost a byte. What's the big deal?"
But mark my words, one day you'll need that data. And guess what? Your hard drive might just throw in the towel, or someone is going to slip up, and in an instant whoosh – your precious data is gone.
Of course, your backup plan is essential. That is great – but it is not just about having it; you’ve got to give it a good beating put it in the ring and see if it can take a punch. Test that plan, make sure it is Iron Man toughness.
Believe me you don’t want to be the unsuspecting soul caught with their pants down when the data storm hits.
It's not an 'if,' it's a 'when.' Be ready, my friend.

6. No Formal Security Policies

Small Business beware listen up.
Operating without policies and procedures is like trying to sail without a captain’s log.
Imagine your team operating clueless about your sensitive data – no guidebook, no how to handle data handbook.
So, what’s your solution? Well, it’s time to get some rock-solid security policies in place.
Everyone from the interns to the execs must be on the same page.
Cover the basics- password management, data protection, incident reporting, Remote work security and other security topics.
It’s not just rules, it’s your digital survival guide.
Make sure every team member is playing by the book.

7. Ignoring Mobile Security

In this fast-paced digital jungle, where every Tom, Dick and Harry is glued to their mobile devices, mobile security isn't just important—It is the unsung hero of your business.
Now come closer and pay attention, your magic wand is – Mobile Device Management (MDM).
It’s not just a solution it’s a secret sauce.
MDM sweeps in, waving a security spell on all your devices.
Empowering them as the unwavering defenders of your business jurisdiction, sharp eyed and ready.

8. Failing to Regularly Watch Networks

Now Small Business owners’ picture this, you’re out their hustling, but you don’t have the dedicated IT team to watch your back, for anything fishy on your network.
That’s like leaving the front door wide open for trouble because delayed detection is a recipe for disaster.
But don’t lose sleep over it, I have the golden ticket for you – it’s time to bring in the heavy artillery, AKA network monitoring tools.
Imagine having your own digital Sherlock Holmes, sniffing out the oddities in your cyber universe.
And if having your own security detail is a stretch, don’t sweat it – consider outsourcing your network monitoring services.
It’s like having a cybersecurity SAS team on speed dial.
Remember it’s not just about defence, it’s about pre-emptive strikes. You want to catch trouble before it even knows it’s on the guest list.

9.No Incident Response Plan

Ok my friend picture this scenario, a cyber hurricane hits, your business.
Total chaos – right? Not something I like, and I am guessing you don’t either.
So here is the plan, you craft an incident response playbook.
A battle-ready response plan that has been tested.
Not a wishy wash guide, but a no-nonsense, how-to guidebook.
Your guide to when a digital storm hits.
We’re talking communication strategies, isolation manoeuvres and a clear chain of command.
This isn’t just a plan; it’s your secret weapon to keep your ship calm when the seas are rocky.

10. Thinking They Don’t Need Managed IT Services

Let’s face it the in the realm of business, there is a constant battle with cyber threats.
There are ever-changing threats, constantly evolving.
Now our small business friends are wrestling with this dynamic dance.
But falling into the trap of feeling they are “too small” when it comes to IT Managed Services.

Let’s lay the cards on the table – managed service providers come in all sizes, even those designed for SMB budgets.
They’re not just the digital Knights guarding your digital castle, they are also saving your cold hard-earned cash, by fine tuning your IT system.

Learn More About Managed IT Services

Attention Business visionaries! The cyber arena is no place for uncertainty. A single cyber attack could rattle your business foundations.
Don’t play roulette with your business. Managed Cloud IT Service Providers are not a luxury just for the corporate giants, they are a prudent investment. Even for smaller business.
Now let me dispel any misconceptions – they can be cost effective.
If your business sails the waters of Manchester and Bolton, look no further.
Great IT Services is at your service.
Don’t hesitate – give us a call or send us a message. Let’s reinforce your digital fortress and make sure it stands strong. Your business deserves better than a gamble.
Reach out and let’s fortify that business fortress!

About the author

Ken Waiganjo

Ken Waiganjo
Offers Manged Services for SME’s, in Bolton and Manchester Uk.
Ensuring they are not left behind as they pursue their passions.
He loves to share insights and tips in technology that will help you as a small business.
He also Loves people and enjoys swimming and trying to keep fit.
Join Ken in this journey and learn and work together so you can make the most of this digital space.
Thanks for stopping by – it will be great to have you along for the ride.

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