October 6, 2015

In the first part of "My computer is slow" I will show you how to speed up your computer by deleting unnecessary files with the free software ccleaner


Ok lets go and get ccleanerGo over to Google and type ccleaner,the first place we will get it from is Piriform, the makers of ccleaner.

Click the download button to download it straight from Piriform, we will download the free version not the paid version.

Download it to your computer.

Then run ccleaner and accept the default locations that ccleaner chooses.
Once installed click finish to run ccleaner.

Once it starts it will show you the different places where it will be doing analysis of files such as internet explorer, windows explorer and various other locations.

Then you need to Analyze the data, this will take a couple of minutes.

You can see above it has found about a gigabyte of data.

Then ccleaner needs to be run, which is what has happened above and all the unnecessary files have been cleared

Lets go over what we learned.
To increase the speed of a slow computer delete unnecessary files.

  1. Start by downloading and installing ccleaner.
  2. Analyse the computer and let ccleaner choose what to clean.
  3. Run ccleaner, to get rid of unnecessary files.

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If you are in Bolton, Bury, Wigan and Manchester and your computer is still slow even after going through all the tutorials and want further help 

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